DJ and MC Jon

DJ Jon is a versatile and highly popular disc jockey, emcee, host and party maker. His style as a music selector endears him to dance floors of all kinds. From weddings to mitzvahs, parties, and corporate events, Jon has a special touch working with people of all kinds, and his ease and rapport with every kind of party goer puts clients at ease. Jon has great instincts when reading crowds to keep the party going, and his knowledge of multiple musical styles from big band and swing to jazz and standards, oldies, Motown, disco, rock, pop, R and B and the latest house and top 40 music make him a much sought after party professional. He has a great way with kids when leading games and special events at Mitzvahs and teen events, and has an elegant, fun and professional demeanor at weddings and formal events. Jon brings style, fun, and love to every performance.
Jon specializes in and performs regularly at:

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Teen Events

Corporate Parties
Fashion Shows
House parties
Specialty events

Classical/Ceremony and Flamenco Guitar

Classical/Ceremony and Flamenco Guitar
A classical guitarist is a perfect and affordable way to have live music for your ceremony &
Cocktail hour.
I work with a few of them that have been performing in Southern California since the mid 90’s.   All of them have built a great reputation for dependability and quality performance.
Music ranges from classical, wedding songs, standards and flamenco. Extended  repertoire includes pop, Latin, Broadway, classic rock, Celtic, Italian, Jewish, and Brazilian music.
The specialty for classical guitarists is performing for out door wedding ceremonies that include a sound system that can run on battery power.  The guitarist can be flexible playing
for the ceremony and then moving to the cocktail hour area pretty quickly.

Photo Booth Options and What is Popular

Photo Booth Options and What is Popular

Thinking of hiring a Photo Booth for your next event, we highly recommend it.
Photo Booths offer state of the art fast reliable compact elegant and cool looking Photo Booths. You get unlimited pictures with any text/logo and we have props that are included that make it a lot of fun.  There are a couple choices of the Enclosed Photo Booth for those more private memorable moments or fun Open Air Style for large group shots. A new offer is the Flip Books Photo Booth for creating a 7 second hilarious video then we print the 7 seconds into a fun flip book that you flip through the pages quickly.  Something also new as an additional option is the Social Media feature- by adding this feature you can now Facebook, Twitter and email your photo booth images instantly and let the sharing begin!

Photo Booths are the rave now and the photos you get are the perfect Party Favor for your guests! With the open air more popular photo booths these days, you can fit 15-20 people in a picture and you get 4 poses to create a variety of shots. One staff tech is included with the rental. Remember that cheapest is not always your best option as many times you get what you pay for so it is important to know about the quality of the photos along with the reputation of the company you are hiring. It is more important to pay a little more but feel comfortable and know you are getting professional services. Make sure to see samples and even ask for references if need be.


Latin/Salsa/Cuban Dance Band that sets them apart from others

They have appeared in festivals and events from Canada, Mexico and in the United State from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nevada, Chicago,New Orleans, Colorado, Montana, Ohio, Indiana, to New York. We are known as the cutting edge in Latin, Salsa and Latin Jazz Dance. Other bands copy us and cover our many recordings.  Audiences realize that we are true artists and not merely entertainers. We draw our audiences in and inspire them, putting them in touch with the heartbeat of of life’s rhythm.







Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning is an art that can be mastered with experience and time.  One does need to have the desire and people skills necessary in planning weddings. Yes you can get better while working with wedding planners, going to seminars and expos and then planning weddings on your own or with staff that has experience.  Everyone will learn from mistakes too and no matter who you are, there is never too much you can learn or know.

Taking great notes and being organized is a must.  When learning this business, do not be afraid to ask questions to people in the business or intern with a company that is reputable.  Everyone will deal with clients that are very difficult at one time or another as well as great, easy clients but the key is to be professional, positive and prompt. The 3 P’s.

Spending time with a wedding couple will help them relax and make them more comfortable with their special day. Having a wedding couple happy and satisfied is very important for your reputation as well getting business by word of mouth and referrals (the best way to get future business as that is free advertising).

All in all, wedding planning takes years to get better at. Helping with the couple’s timeline, song requests and questions leading up to the wedding is a huge part to be prepared for the big day.  When you are prepared as a wedding planner, the day of will go much smoother.  If you are ever unsure of anything, ask the couple, the venue contact or even the vendors to make sure you are on the same page.  Work hard and it will pay off.