Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in my company. Below are some commonly asked questions about our music and entertainment services.
If you require any further information, do not hesitate to ask.
Once I decide I like a band, entertainer or specialty vendor, how long can I wait before I book it.
It is best to book as soon as possible. Our bands-entertainers-vendors are sometimes booked over a year in advance and are secured by deposit on a first come first served basis.

Can I hold a band-entertainer-vendor without a deposit.
As much as we would love to accommodate you, we cannot impede the booking ability of any of our services by not showing them to every potential client.

What time does the band-entertainer-vendor get there to set up.
Please be reassured that they will be set up and ready to play/start at the designated time on the contract.

How many songs does a band or dj play during the reception.
Typically, a band can play approximately 40-50 songs during a four-hour time period.

How many breaks does the band-entertainer-vendor take during the reception.
For a four hour block, there will be one hour of breaktime split up into 2-30 minute breaks, 3-20 minute breaks or 4-15 minute breaks of your choice or a combination thereof.

What is continuous music for live bands.
Continuous music ensures that there will always be at least three musicians playing at all times. There is an extra charge for this option so please discuss if interested.

Will the band bring CDs or an Ipod to play during their breaks.
Yes. The band will bring CDs similar to the music they are playing. You are always welcome to provide them with your own CDs to play. From our experience we find it best to schedule toasts during band breaks. If you have an alternate source on an MP3 -ex. Ipod, thumb-drive or other, please let us know to see if we can accommodate or make alternate arrangements.

What if I need to change the performance time that is on my contract.
Please let us know immediately so that we can inform the musicians-entertainers-vendors. This will avoid any possible scheduling conflicts and we will do the best we can to accommodate you.

Will we send the final timeline to our vendors before the event.
Yes. The week of your event, we will email all of the vendors who you have contracted through me a copy.  I can help out with any questions on the timeline as well and happy to due so. Final timeline is due no later than 1 week before your date. Small adjustments after that may be ok but it is important to receive all the information to have enough time to prepare.

Do you accept credit cards.
Yes, via Paypal with a service fee. We also accept personal checks and cash and can provide a receipt-invoice if needed.

What if I want the band to play overtime.
Your contract will indicate the cost per half hour for overtime of the band. If you decide that you want the band-entertainer-vendor to go beyond their contracted time, please let them know at the event. You will be asked to sign an overtime authorization sheet and we will invoice you after the event unless otherwise indicated on our contract.

Is tipping the band, entertainer or Todd Elliot appropriate.
Tips are not expected but are certainly appreciated and can be mailed afterwards to avoid thinking about money the night of your event if desired.

Can I give the band, entertainer, vendor the final payment the day of my event,
No. As your contract states, final payments are due 3-4 weeks before your event. Our bands-entertainers-vendors do not handle payments unless there is a special arrangement on the contract.

But what if the band, entertainer, vendor doesnt show up.
This has never happened in over twenty years of business. We take great pride in our reputation and only work with professionals.

What happens if one of the band members, entertainers or vendors gets sick or unable to perform.
We will replace him or her with a musician or substitute of at least equal talent.

Does the bandleader or dj act as an MC as well.
Yes. Either the dj, bandleader or one the lead vocalists will MC your event. They are professionally trained to do so and I will communicate with you ahead of time to let you know who it will be.

What will the band, entertainer, vendor wear to my event?
This is up to you. It can be Black tie -tuxedos , black dresses. Black suits and ties, all Black, or something less formal, casual, costumes, etc.

What are the bands power requirements.
All of our bands require at least two 20-amp dedicated circuits but best to check with Todd to confirm as it also depends on the size of the space and size of the band..

How much room does the band need.
This varies depending on the size of your band. Typically, the minimum stage size is 8 ft. x 16ft. for smaller band configurations and may go as large as 12 ft. x 24 ft. for larger bands.

Do I need to provide meals for the band,entertainer,vendor.
Yes as stated in the contract for vendor meals that can be arranged during the night for anyone performing over 2 hrs.  Please include this in the timeline and when it will occur.  Best time is right after the guests get served. Please notify the venue so the vendor meals are served at the appropriate time so it doe not cut into your time.

Does the band, entertainer, vendor bring their own lighting or umbrellas.
No. Most venues – hotels will provide adequate lighting and umbrellas if necessary for the musicians especially if they will perform outdoors. Additionally, we ask that you please provide heaters for the band if the conditions are cold. Keep in mind; if your guests are cold, your band is also cold!  We can arrange dance atmosphere lighting at an extra charge.

What if it rains
The venue should always have a backup plan if your event was arranged to be outside as our band, entertainer, vendors have booked out the day so the show must go on.

What instruments make up a string group and what other options do you have? How long are they hired for.
String quartet is 2 violins, viola and cello. String trio is violin, viola and cello.  String Duo is violin and cello.  I can also arrange a harp, classical guitarist, piano player or any combination you prefer.  Any of the above are usually hired for 2 hrs to play while guests arrive, your ceremony and the cocktail hour.

What if I want the band to perform a song that is not on their list.
If you have any special requests, please let us know ASAP and we do our best to accommodate you. If there is enough advance notice, the band should have no problem to learn a song or two.

Will we have a chance to meet speak with our bandleader or entertainer prior to the event.
Usually not as I act as the liaison between our musicians and our clients. Many of our musicians and entertainers maintain a hectic performance schedule. We are in constant communication with them regarding your event. If there are specific concerns that need to be addressed by your bandleader or entertainer, we will gladly pass along the information.  Depending on what you need, we can try to arrange a conference call for you.

How often can we contact you, Todd, and meet with you?   Todd is available for phone calls and emails all the way leading up to your event to help you. He takes pride in getting back to you within one day 99% of the time barring any emergencies.  Todd is happy to meet with you for up to one hour of time at no charge.  Any extra meetings are $100 per half hour unless arranged prior to signing the contract.

How much are deposits and when is the balance due.
Deposits are typically half at the time of the booking and balance is due 30 days before your event date.  We can work out payment plans and can be flexible depending on the situation.