Latin Guitar-Percussion-Gypsy Kings Style Group

Todd Elliot Entertainment provides top quality professional wedding, event, festival and live latin bands and flamenco music groups.  We cover all of Southern California providing the best ceremony, jazz and cocktail bands including gypsy kings style.  We serve Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, and any cities in between. Check out more information below!  We have many different packages and prices available depending on your needs.  We have other unique ceremony and cocktail musicians upon request.

Latin guitar solo, duo or adding a percussionist to make it a trio.

My great latin guitarist was born in Guatemala city, where his interest in Latin American music began at and early age. He inmersed himself in a wide variety of musical styles such as music of the Andes, Tango, Flamenco, Rancheras, Trios etc, but it was always the Latin Guitar that moved him most. Moving to New Orleans, LA in 1982 to finish his higher education studies, a new era of his life began, this time with guitar in hand.

In New Orleans as well as in Los Angeles, he has demonstrated his talent as a guitarist and composer since his beginnings as a church choir director followed by various musical activities that have included studio work, live performances, while leading his own group or being part of other groups.

Whether it be a joropo, bossa nova. bolero, rumba, Latin Jazz, or bulerías, he follows his love for the Latin Guitar and Latin America itself, that vast continent that forms the deepest roots of this young guitarist who offers us a celebration and fusion of new and ancient cultures.

He has different music combinations with other guitars, percussion and horns if desired. His band is great for ceremonies, cocktail hours and and any Latin requested event for great listening and some dancing music.

Two Guitars:

Gipsy Kings

  • Faena
  • Inspiracion
  • Catalunya
  • Love & Liberte
  • Moorea

Strunz and Farah

  • Balada
  • Bola
  • Zumba
  • Rayo
  • Twilight at the Zuq
  • Zambalera
  • Terremoto

Chick Corea

  • Spain

Vicente Amigo

  • Tres notas para decir te quiero


  • El Farol
  • Samba pa ti
  • Oye como va

Two Guitars with Vocalist & Percussion
(Option to add additional percussion and bass musicians):

Gipsy Kings

  • Bamboleo
  • Un amor
  • A mi manera
  • Djobi Djoba
  • Quiero saber
  • Volare
  • Trista pena
  • Nina morena
  • Vamos a bailar
  • Baila me
  • Sin ella
  • Habla me
  • Mi vida
  • Montana
  • A ti, a ti
  • A tu vera
  • La rumba de Nicolas
  • La Dona
  • Una rumba por aqui
  • La fiesta comenza

Latin American rhythms


  • Sabor a mi
  • Reloj
  • Sin ti
  • Solamente una vez
  • Somos novios
  • La barca
  • Contigo aprendi


  • Fragile -Sting
  • Have you ever loved a woman -Bryan Adams with Paco de Lucia
  • What a wonderful world -Louis Armstrong