All in One Variety Performer- Juggling, Stilts, Diablo, Unicycle, Magic, Dancing, Mime, etc.

It can get expensive to hire multiple performers to entertain at your party.  A great way to save money is find someone that does a variety of acts so you get multiple services while only having to pay one person.  That type of performer is probably cost more than a single type of performer but less than if you have to hire 2-3 other vendors for multiple parts of entertainment.

Check out the below link to see a couple of options from my top performer on stilts, juggling, unicycle and diabolo.    Todd Elliot is also a multi performer of magic, mime, dancing, mc’ing, casino dealing, santa to name a few.

Circus Performers/Jugglers/Acrobats/Ventriloquists/Little People/Stilt Walkers/Strolling Tables

Murder Mystery Interactive Audience participation party

Great Gatsby 20’s Theme Murder Mystery- This is fully interactive and requires minimum 8 of your guests to partake as characters and up to 16 total.  All the guests dress up in their parts as I will mention the attire they should wear.  Either myself or assistant or both of us run & host the evening explaining all the details, rounds, clues and info to make it very fun for all. Usually about a 3 hour game with food courses & round transitions with clues, info, tips, suggestions and audience participation.

How fun is it?  Super fun as guests portray characters and are totally involved rather than just watching.   More at

Drive by Party with Entertainment, Music using social distancing during Virus

A new creative way to still have a party is to have a drive by with guests staying in their cars using social distancing.  Todd Elliot Entertainment provides this kind of fun service.   Some options including Circus/juggler acts, mime performance and magic at least 6-8′ away.  Cars will slowly drive while the various acts perform kind of like you at a circus yet with multiple performers happening at the same time.  Cars can go slow around to see what they missed the first time or pull over to not block anyone and continue watching.   May 3rd is the next drive by Todd Elliot has just booked.  What a fun way to celebrate a special occasion  during the virus situation with most everything closed.    Other ideas proposed for future parties include live or dj music, caricature artist drawings, impersonator/look a likes & dancers.

Virtual Entertainment, Magic during the pandemic Coronavirus

Everyone is missing great live music and performers.  Well, until things calm down and the economy is back open, how about some virtual entertainment.  Also many fees will be discounted during this time.

Todd Elliot Entertainment provides some fun and engaging vendors from professional magic, mimes, live jugglers, circus performers, karaoke, caricature artists and costume characters/Impersonators.   Many people watch TV or Online shows featuring magic and circus performances so how about the same with interaction.  That is the difference hear as my vendors will talk and engage with you.   Even get married if you cannot wait with one of my officiants.  Check many of them out at the link below.


Continue to keep in contact with Clients during the Virus Situation

It is important to keep in touch with potential and booked clients so they know you haven’t forgotten about them.  Even if there is nothing to do, the social and communication aspect to just say hello and thinking about you will make them feel good in this difficult time.

Shoot an email or leave a message with positive thoughts and that you will be in touch when things calm down.  Mention they are free to contact you if they have any questions or concerns so you can do the best you can to help them and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Virus update-Book your Event this year with a Credit on your Refund

With the continued Corona Virus situation effecting all events, the best option if anyone is unsure is to ask for your refund to be credited to a future date if your event has to be postponed.  Todd Elliot Entertainment & Events provides this type of assurance for any events that have been prior booked or anything in the future.

Meaning you should NEVER lose your money as long as this takes to get back to regular business and rescheduling your event date.  Be careful if anyone does not let your deposit to be reused to a future date.   Make sure this is listed in any new contracts and my company has included that in any prior event bookings that are happening in the future even with the non refundable deposit mentioned in the contract or invoice.