Live Music Band for your Wedding

Live music for your event or wedding is one of the most important aspects to make or break your special day.  When it comes to hiring a live band, find out how flexible they are,how much experience do they have and how reliable the group is.  Our bands fit the bill when it comes to all three of these needs.They are super talented and will keep all of the guests dancing with their high energy music and nice ballads for slow dancing. With so many live bands out there at different budgets, check out these guys and the tips mentioned when hiring your next group.

Classical Guitar for your Wedding or Event

A classical guitarist or group is a perfect and affordable way to have live music for your ceremony &  Cocktail hour.
I work with a few of them that have been performing in Southern California since the mid 90’s. All of them have built a great reputation for dependability and quality performance.  Music ranges from classical, wedding songs, standards and flamenco. Extended repertoire includes pop, Latin, Broadway, classic rock, Celtic, Italian, Jewish, and Brazilian music.

The specialty for classical guitarists is performing for out door wedding ceremonies that include a sound system that can run on battery power.

Latin Cuban Salsa Bands great for many events

Our Latin Groups have appeared in festivals and events from Canada, Mexico and in the United State from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nevada, Chicago, New Orleans, Colorado, Montana, Ohio, Indiana, to New York. We are known as the cutting edge in Latin, Salsa and Latin Jazz Dance. Other bands copy  and cover our  recordings and recordings.  Audiences realize that we are true artists and not merely entertainers.  We draw our audiences in and inspire them, putting them in touch with the heartbeat of of life’s rhythm.

Professional Dance Performance, Instruction, Motivation at your next event or wedding

Todd has performed and entertained at many private functions, including the first and second annual Getty company parties with over 3,000 attendees at the museum, a few private Disney Co. parties,  and other corporate events by Arco, Toshiba,House of Blues, City of Hope, Swing Alive at the Hollywood Palladium, and the last episode party for Home Improvement with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

Todd has also performed for private events with Merv Griffins 2000 New Year’s show featuring The Alien Fashion Show Swing Band, numerous corporate parties with The Brian Setzer Orchestra and Royal Crown Revue on separate occasions, the premier of The Grinch movie starring Jim Carrey at Universal Pictures with Cherry Poppin Daddies performing.

Todd is the King of Swing and the best at interacting with guests. As well as being familiar with other dance styles, he is associated with incredible, professional dancers – where the guarantee is  No one will want to leave the dance floor.  He also Teaches Kids. His best assets are being patient when he is teaching and fun when he is performing.

Dancers- Performances, Lessons, Guest Interaction Fun

Unique Wedding Entertainment

Unique Wedding Entertainment

Unconventional Ideas for Wedding Entertainment From all types of performers and entertainers,  you can really stamp your own personality on proceedings by taking a closer look at the entertainers that are out there just waiting to be booked. Let’s take a look at a few off-the-wall entertainment ideas that really will make your guests stand up and take note.  Dance Performance and informal Instruction that doesn’t overshadow the wedding couple is a great way to enhance the party and have great interaction with your guests to have a great time no matter what music you have. Check out options at

FIRE PERFORMERS: Fire performers can bring a real sense of edginess to proceedings whilst creating exceptional visuals too. Of course, all reputable fire acts come with public liability insurance which means that compensation can be paid if anything does go wrong, but because they are fully trained and highly-experienced, the chances of accidents occurring are generally tiny. Why not start investigating your today? You can opt for a solo act or a group of performers; choose from fire jugglers, eaters, dancers or acts that can combine all of the above. A fire act can bring a real level of distinction to your event. You may even wish to ask for a full pyrotechnic finale to end with. Your guests won’t forget a fire act in a hurry.

STILT WALKERS: Stilt walkers can create an amazing effect and you can ask them to meet and greet your guests too, allowing them to get in the right frame of mind from the outset. Most stilt performers are able to showcase various skills, including juggling or even just telling jokes to your guests, lending a feel of real camaraderie to proceedings.

HUMAN TABLES: Human tables are becoming a more and more popular option all the time. Human tables do exactly what they say on the tin. Costumes are used by entertainers who dish out drinks and snacks to your guests and make their way around the whole room to heighten the atmosphere. What’s even better is that they can adapt to a whole host of different themes too. If you’re not feeling inspired by conventional wedding entertainment, why not check out one of these options from our full service company. It’s your wedding – you can set the rules.

Southern California’s Finest Entertainment, Music

Wedding Planning Tips

With so many things to think about, I suggest hiring an experienced wedding planner. Our full service company provides onsite coordination while also helping save time and money all the way leading up to your big day. We also provide professional wedding vendors as a one-stop shop company including first dance lessons to enhance your celebration. You also need to find the right venue which your wedding planner can help out with. Please contact us for more information, packages, pricing and questions as we take pride in our professional services, reliability and customer service. Todd Elliot Entertainment, Music,Dance Co.,

Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding Planning is an art that can be mastered with experience and time.  One does need to have the desire and people skills necessary in planning weddings. Yes you can get better while working with wedding planners, going to seminars and expos and then planning weddings on your own or with staff that has experience.  Everyone will learn from mistakes too and no matter who you are, there is never too much you can learn or know.

Taking great notes and being organized is a must.  When learning this business, do not be afraid to ask questions to people in the business or intern with a company that is reputable.  Everyone will deal with clients that are very difficult at one time or another as well as great, easy clients but the key is to be professional, positive and prompt. The 3 P’s.

Spending time with a wedding couple will help them relax and make them more comfortable with their special day. Having a wedding couple happy and satisfied is very important for your reputation as well getting business by word of mouth and referrals (the best way to get future business as that is free advertising).

All in all, wedding planning takes years to get better at. Helping with the couple’s timeline, song requests and questions leading up to the wedding is a huge part to be prepared for the big day.  When you are prepared as a wedding planner, the day of will go much smoother.  If you are ever unsure of anything, ask the couple, the venue contact or even the vendors to make sure you are on the same page.  Work hard and it will pay off.